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Choosing a Personal Injury Lawfirm

If you have been hurt by the carelessness of another person's actions, you need a personal injury lawyer. How do you know which personal injury law firm to choose? It can be a difficult decision to make at a time when emotions are running high.

Never talk to the other party's insurance company lawyer until you have retained your own counsel. Their lawyer is only concerned with saving money for his client and his company. A quick turn around on a settlement will likely result in you not receiving fair compensation. It is important for you to have someone fighting for your rights.

Finding a personal injury lawyer who can ensure your needs are met requires more than thumbing through the phone book or picking the law firm with the best television advertisement. Perhaps a smaller law firm with a smaller budget for flashy ads will provide better service, but you will never know unless you check around.

You should start by asking people you know and trust if they know of a good personal injury law firm. Personal experience with a law firm from people you can rely on will be the best recommendation you can get. Also, check the personal injury lawyers out with the local state and/or city bar association.

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Once you have a list of possible personal injury law firms, start calling to evaluate their customer service and their knowledge in both negotiating cash settlements and litigation. If the receptionist is rude and cold, you should keep this in mind, as this is someone you will have to deal with throughout the lawsuit. You will be dealing with several other people from the law firm other than the actual lawyer representing you. There will be times the lawyer's legal assistant might call you with questions. Knowing that the staff of the law firm is professional, friendly, and helpful will make certain you feel cared for throughout this difficult process.

When you meet with potential law firms, ask questions that can help you gauge their experience in your specific type of case. It is ok to ask how many cases like yours they have won. Ask about fees and retainers. Most quality personal injury law firms offer a "you don't pay if we don't win" type of fee structure which means that all of the fees the incur processing your lawsuit are only charged to you if they win your case.

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